Graduated from École Polytechnique (1996), PhD in Quantitative Hydrology and Geohydrology from École des Mines de Paris (2000), Vincent Lagneau spent the majority of his career in the research and higher education sector at MINES ParisTech where he is now professor. His position started as researcher and evolved to leader of the Reactive Hydrodynamics team (2008) and vice director of the Geosciences Department (since 2012).

His research themes deal with understanding and quantifying water-gas-rock interfaces in porous media. He coordinates and actively participates in the development of the code HYTEC, which couples the description of transfer mechanisms (water and dissolved elements, gas, heat) with geochemical reactions. The simulations and developments explore the relationships that can modify the behavior of these highly coupled and non-linear systems.

His simulation approach is applied to different systems: near field interfaces in waste storage, long term evolution of CO2 storage, mineral resource exploitation and their environmental impacts.

He is involved in teaching at MINES ParisTech (geohydrology, hydrogeochemistry, mineral resources in relation with the energy transition, mining exploitation and impacts, storage), mostly for the minors “Geosciences” and “Underground engineering and management” and post-masters “Environment”. He coordinates the major “Environment” for the pre-doctoral program at Innovation and Technology Institute from Paris Sciences et Lettres.