Engineer on high explosives, Christophe Fournier is retired from the French Defence procurement agency (DGA) where he spent his entire career as Lieutenant General, Armament corps, and served as (Hors Classe) Senior Advisor.

He has also conducted a programme on the decommissioning of nuclear-powered vessels and has developed expertise in the field of the management of nuclear waste.

He was a member (2011-2013) of the Advisory Committee for industrial activities of ANDRA (the French Agency in charge of the management of nuclear waste).

He also took part in the Preliminary Design Review (November 2012- February 2013) of the Cigeo project (underground nuclear waste repository) led by ANDRA.

He chaired an international scientific review (2018-2019) dealing with the management of bituminous nuclear waste.

Christophe Fournier is Officer of the Legion of Honour and Commander of the National Order of Merit.